Month: March 2016

The Interior and Exterior Evangelism of Great Lent

By Fr John Parker The Great 40 Days are generally considered to be a time of introspection and repentance. The very first words of the Great Canon of St Andrew indicate the way, “Where shall I begin to lament the

Evangelism is for Every Christian

By Fr John Parker “God is Good!” “All the Time!” These words are so common in the cultural and Christian memory of the United States South. It is a call and response akin to “Christ is Born!” “Glorify Him!” or

Four Marks of a Christian Disciple

FOUR MARKS OF A CHRISTIAN DISCIPLE Every Baptized Christian is called to be a Disciple (student) of Christ, and is called to make other disciples. Here is a short list to remember our calling as Christians: A DISCIPLE IS: A