Holy Archangles – Annapolis, Md

holy archangels

Holy Archangels is a growing Orthodox Christian community founded in January 2011 in historic Annapolis, Md.

We are committed to proclaiming and living the Orthodox Faith “once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3), the timeless truth of Jesus Christ and life in Him.

Our Mission is a family-oriented church, a place of continued growth and healing in Christ for those already Orthodox and a welcoming home for those “storm-tossed” by the world and seeking healing and the fullness of the life in Christ for everyone. As we live out our faith, we believe in the Church’s ministry to serve “in the world” but not be “of the world.” In this way, we love our neighbors as ourselves by witnessing to the reality of life in Christ.

Holy Archangels Orthodox Church is a vibrant mission of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) in communion with all other canonical Orthodox jurisdictions of the Church Christ founded through His holy Apostles. Our services are in English enhanced by the rich traditions and languages of our Orthodox brethren throughout the world so that we can truly pray as we believe.


Church Address:
Rector: Fr. Robert Miclean
Holy Archangels Orthodox Mission
Chaplain, Annapolis College Ministry (ACM)
Mobile: 262-844-2369